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Skills for Energy

Skills for Energy (SfE) is one of EEEGR’s core programmes. It is led by industry and its primary aim is to ensure the ongoing diversity and volume of skilled individuals for the current and future wellbeing of the energy sector.

The programme focuses on delivering skilled people to the industry for long-term careers and ensuring the existing workforce continues to meet the industry’s needs, now and into the future. The project is centered on addressing core skills needs across all energy sectors, both technical and commercial, and this is achieved through collaborative partnerships.

The programme is led by our SfE Programme Manager, with the direct support of the EEEGR team and the Skills for Energy Workgroup which is made up of senior key contributors, including some of EEEGR’s main board members.

Take a look at our skills resources and Skills for Energy competitions.

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme, its projects and initiatives then please get in touch via skills@eeegr.com or 01493 412199.

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