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Marine Science and Technology (MAST)

The East of England is perfectly placed to deliver the UK Government’s national energy policy. It is the most diverse energy region in the UK, and has a backdrop of key skills developed over more than 40 years.

The East’s energy region supports a complex mix of marine activities. They include gas platforms, offshore wind farms, wave and tidal energy systems, along with commercial activities such as shipping, aggregate extraction, related port activity and fishing.

It also contains a wealth of archaeological, conservation and heritage assets, areas licensed for aggregate extraction and England’s most productive region for fish farming.

The SIG sees EEEGR working with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST). The group meet once a quarter with the most recent meeting update available to view here soon.

The group looks at how the sector functions, and how technology and methodologies can be developed to further enhance this diverse environment. It also seeks to ensure sustainability and an increased awareness of the region’s significance, both nationally and internationally.

The SIG also serves as a forum for disseminating objective information, educating relevant stakeholders and expanding the knowledge base. It hopes to keep abreast of sector developments, while sharing this with the wider marine community.

The SIG Terms of Reference (ToR) can be found HERE.



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