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Reuse & Decommissioning

Many of the structures producing Oil & Gas have a limited lifespan, often 25-40 years, and an increasing number are due to be taken out of service.

Decommissioning has become a major business within the Oil & Gas industry and is a lengthy and high cost operation. There are a number of different approached to the process of decommissioning, including removal, disposal and re-use, while ensuring the surrounding area isn’t environmentally compromised.

Decommissioning of existing North Sea Oil & Gas facilities is projected to cost £24-36bn over the next 30 years, a fruitful field for specialist companies in the region. Scores of platforms need to be removed, hundreds of wells will be plugged and thousands of kilometres of pipeline decommissioned.

Great Yarmouth has already seen a Leman gas field accommodation block come ashore to a new Veolia and Petersen decommissioning facility.

EEEGR has set up a Decommissioning Special Interest Group in partnership with Decom North Sea aiming to influence and shape the delivery and management of joint activity in the SNS decommissioning sector, and drive supply chain engagement.

Supply Chain Capacity Report

Decom North Sea has now published a Decommissioning Supply Chain Report, which provides a baseline assessment of the supply chain’s capacity to fulfil the anticipated UK decommissioning demand.  To download the report please click HERE. This report is complimentary to the Decommissioning Directory.

Dunlin Alpha Decommissioning

Further to the stakeholder workshop held earlier this month on the Dunlin Alpha decommissioning, the facilitators’ report on proceedings (pages 1-34), presented largely in tabular form for ease of readability, is now available for your review from on the Fairfield Energy website: www.fairfield-energy.com/operations/greater-dunlin-area/stakeholder-engagement/events-workshops

Decommissioning Directory

Decom North Sea has partnered with Scottish Enterprise and the Oil & Gas Authority to create a Decommissioning Directory of companies which can service the UK/UKCS decommissioning market. This directory expanded on the 2016 initiative by EEEGR, based on the concept originated by Great Yarmouth Borough Council. To download the directory please click HERE.


The Late Life Planning Portal (L2P2) has been developed for the industry by the industry and has evolved from a roadmap of activities and key decisions across the timelines of an oil and gas asset, from late life operations through to the end of production and ultimately decommissioning. L2P2 is an operational website designed to provide a single access point for knowledge sharing and cross sector learning. It is also a repository for tools, guidance, case studies and lessons. The L2P2 tool is available here http://decomnorthsea.com/l2p2.

Latest SIG Meeting Update

The Decommissioning SIG met on Thursday 16th May 2019 during SNS2019 in Norwich. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the structure of the SIG moving forward. The steering group, which consists of EEEGR, Decom North Sea (DNS), the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA),  Julian Manning of Paradigm Group who Chairs the Group and Stuart Wordsworth of Decom North Sea the Co-Chair, where joined by Peter Aldous, MP who reinforced his support for the SIG by offering whichever political influence he can.

The group has been renamed to include reuse; a broad term which incorporates energy transition. The newly named group; the Reuse  & Decommissioning SIG will focus on three areas; SNS Operational challenges, Collaboration opportunities with UK and NL and campaigning for a local decommissioning hub. The SIG is currently looking at the practical structure of the group and these ‘drives’ to include an appropriate balance of operator and supply chain contribution.

In addition and as part of the Reuse element, the SIG will be looking at the energy transition in the SNS basin and how Reuse of redundant oil and gas assets can play a part in enabling new energy sources.

The next meeting will be held in late August.



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