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Mark Goodacre

Co-opted Director Shell : Production Unit Manager

Mark lives in Norwich with his wife and his two children. His hometown is Nottingham, and in 2002, he was posted to RAF Coltishall. He served 11 years in the Air Force as an aircraft engineer before joining Shell in 2009. Mark has had several roles in the last 10 years, starting as a trainee Offshore Production Technician, Maintenance Supervisor, Onshore Maintenance Lead, Problem Solving Team Lead and Bacton Gas Terminal Maintenance Manager. Mark’s current role is looking after the Solepit Production unit on and offshore operation.

In his personal time, Mark loves to spend time with his family and keeping fit. The drive for him getting involved with EEEGR stems back to his transition from the Air Force into ‘civvy street’, as he was fortunate enough to make some connections at EEEGR and Skills for Energy, which helped him take that step. He now finds himself in a position to be able to help others going through similar transitions. EEEGR is a great platform for connecting people and businesses, the future of energy companies and energy transition locally is exciting, and Mark is really keen to be part of this in the EEEGR forum.


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