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Julian Manning

Co-opted Director Paradigm Group BV : CEO

Julian was born in Great Yarmouth and started his career in 1990 after joining Baker Hughes in operations providing both well, process and pipeline services.

Julian is CEO of the Paradigm Group BV an international Oil and Gas technology suite of companies that all provide disruptive technology solutions and services to reduce Total Operational Cost to its Customers.  Julian is currently based and lives in the Netherlands.

His career includes working directly on onshore and offshore facilities, operations engineering, technical sales and over 22 years of direct business management covering the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

Julian has been active for EEEGR since 2013, and currently chairs the Late Life and Decommissioning Special Interest Group. He also participates in various Rejuvenation Special Interest Work Groups.

He enjoys playing golf, travelling and spending time with the family.


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