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“The energy industry in both offshore wind and oil and gas craves innovation, from a technical viewpoint and also commercially. The current and future objective in offshore wind has been to reduce the strike rate and this will only be achieved through clever engineering and innovation from concept through construction and operations and maintenance. Eeegr’s involvement with the developers and promotion of the industry as a whole has made sure that local companies have had full view of the opportunities that are available. 

The recent downturn in the oil and gas industry has been experienced by most but there has been many positives. From the top down, the realisation has made all involved work smarter, harder and ask more questions with a view to improve and keep this valuable industry moving forward and this is in all aspects from exploration to production and including decommissioning.

Eeegr’s yearly events and various SIG groups have provided a real focus and the recent eeegr / OGA meet the buyer event, where over 10 operators came to this region is real proof that the hard work is paying off and shows how serious we are as a region but also how the industry is taking us more seriously too; – Understanding the importance of this area, the companies that are based here and also the skills and resources that are available.

By those operators investing and dedicating time in this area it will allow local businesses to move confidently forward and invest their resources which will ultimately benefit by supporting the operations through all of the life of the many offshore assets.”


Jason Brighton, Director, Wellton Energy

“EEEGR has played a pivotal role in ensuring the development and prosperity of the energy sector in the East of England, having facilitated and assisted in numerous business start-ups, trade deals, networking events, and trade exhibitions. It has had significant influence with government over the years in oil and gas fiscal policy, local enterprise zone status and assisted in improving governments understanding of the key strategic role the East of England has to UK PLC.

In the skills sector their award winning Skills for Energy programme has seen the organisation working with industry to create exemplar courses with the University of East Anglia, Lowestoft and Yarmouth colleges and other seats of learning. Seajacks are keen EEEGR members and recommend membership to any organisation in the energy sector or those aspiring to join the industry.”

Blair Ainslie, Managing Director, Seajacks

“The East of England Energy Group is the single most important organisation acting for and on behalf of members, the local business community, the supply chain, and energy operators in the East of England. The organisation is seen as a very effective and efficient conduit for introducing new contracting opportunities and encouraging partnerships into the area, which is heavily reliant upon and involved with all forms of energy, oil, gas, renewables, and nuclear power. EEEGR has in the past, and will continue to play an important role in supporting our future and long-term business growth, through client and supply chain introductions, and facilitation of client/vendor seminars.

We at Sembmarine SLP commend the professionalism and integrity of this focal point organisation, and cannot emphasise enough its importance and significance to the growth and continuity of the energy industry in the East of England and the UK as a whole.”

Paul Thomson, Managing Director, Sembmarine SLP Ltd

The event was great, really showing what the local supply chain can offer to the major operators in the region.

The layout and management of the event allowed a good introduction into the operators future plans and spends, and the one-to-ones where correctly placed after the presentations, so that vendors could tailor their introductions and pitches to the appropriate level.

All in all, well done EEEGR.

Dorian Hindmarsh, Proeon

“ASCO was one of the first members of EEEGR. Over the past 10 years, we have regularly made use of their open and enthusiastic engagement with various projects and ideas. On most occasions, our request for input helps us to assess and shape our ideas. However, it is not always good news as we test some ideas against a wider reality. Proper evaluation means that some are quietly shelved. On all occasions we get great value through EEEGR’s connectivity, help, advice and guidance”.

Roger Everett, former Managing Director SNS, ASCO UK

“EEEGR is a strong advocate and effective representative voice of the energy sector for our region, influencing at the highest levels of government and promoting the social, economic and environmental benefit of all energy generating industries in Suffolk and Norfolk.”

Tom McGarry, Head of Communications (Sizewell C), EDF Energy

“I was delighted to not only attend but also speak at EEEGR’s flagship SNS2016 conference in Norwich this year. The event attracted hundreds of delegates from across the offshore industry and supply chain, providing a real focal point for attendees to meet and discuss key sector issues. I recommend people view the excellent SNS2016 post-event film, which showcases some of the event highlights.”

Toby Edmonds, Project Director, Galloper Wind Farm Ltd

“SNS 2016 was a really well organised and attended conference. The speakers were highly engaging and presented very relevant topics in terms of the current market place. Attending this conference was of great benefit to Oceaneering due to the fact we were able to directly engage with clients. This conference has really helped Oceaneering shape its range of services to better suit client requirements”.

Steven Cowie, Vice President and Country Manager - UK, Oceaneering International Services Limited

“We were pleased by the great sponsorship deal offered by the EEEGR team for the SNS2016. Many of our students took advantage of their full passes on both days and learned a lot from the talks. But more importantly for them was the opportunity to chat with industry professionals on our stand. The decision to make the exhibition free and the simple way that this was monitored contributed to a much bigger footfall. Given the impact of the oil price EEEGR did extremely well to still create a buzzing atmosphere. But the highlight was the stand-up comedian masquerading as the Scottish Power MD at the Gala Dinner!”

Professor Lawrence Coates, Professor of Engineering, University of East Anglia

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