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ZYTECH Subsea Cables

23 Brook Street
Colne Engaine

Telephone: 01787 223583


ZYTECH Subsea Cables is the vehicle by which Tony Zymelka offers his cable management support. With 40 years experience, Tony is an \"Authority\" on subsea cables. Having recently joined with BPP cables, ZYTECH BPP can offer all cable design, technical review and installation management services.

  • Professional Subsea Cable Management across all project phases
  • FEED studies for cable design and specification
  • Cable electrical and mechanical parameter analysis
  • Cable and installation procurement, analysis and management
  • Optimisation of cable protection systems


ZYTECH Subsea Cables is the vehicle by which Tony Zymelka offers his vast expertise to his clients. With almost 40 years of experience in the cable sector, Tony can provide the skills and expertise at the highest levels that is often lacking.

ZYTECH has recently joined with BPP cables so as to be able to provide complete but independent cabling solutions. These include: FEED studies, Cable Design, Electrical and Mechanical and Fatigue analysis, VIV and Dynamic analysis, Cable Manufacture and Installation Procurement support, Installation analysis, Total Cable Procurement and Installation Management.

ZYTECH BPP offers the unique spectrum of expertise that can lead to a cost optimised cable design, analysis, procurement and installation package. Such a package having the potential for ultimately saving huge costs and resulting in the most reliable installed cable system.


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