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Rhenus Offshore Logistics UK

Wilde Street
NR32 1XH

Telephone: 01502509231 / 07592108441


Rhenus Offshore Logistics UK is your partner for all offshore related logistical tasks. Having built up our expertise in the offshore wind market in Germany, we have expanded to the UK and are able to assist and support you in the following areas:

  • Supply/Cargo Runs (Single & Shared)
  • Crew Transfer
  • Port Agency
  • Buoy installation, maintenance and recovery
  • Container management and rental


Rhenus Logistics Limited is a large and diverse, yet family run business that has built its reputation in Germany. In August 2014, the decision was taken to begin Rhenus Offshore Logistics, a freestanding business unit that offers a specific set of services aimed at the offshore industry utilising the facilities and logistical know how that already exists within the Rhenus group. Rhenus is a global company, however Rhenus Offshore Logistics has locations in Germany, Holland and the UK. Rhenus Offshore Logistics offers a number of services to the offshore industry including: - supply runs - crew transfer - port agency matters - cable handling - buoy handling - waste disposal - container management and rental - and any other logistical matters relevant or required by our client! Rhenus has developed a cost efficient method of managing supply runs that can save clients up to 40% and is offered at a fixed lump sum rate using one point of contact to manage the entire interface. As a result, we have become the market leader for this in Germany. Rhenus can support all port handling and agency matters, at any location required and our expertise can support container management, customs clearance and all agency matters attached to the offshore industry that can often be time consuming and complicated. In addition, we are able to manage all personnel logistics matters ranging from crew transfer via vessel or helicopter to booking accommodation. Rhenus is happy to aid the development of any logistical solution, regardless of size or nature so please get in touch with any logistical queries. We look to provide solutions to the offshore industry on a turn-key basis that are both cost efficient and successful. To contact us please email: Offshore.Wind@uk.rhenus.com / Sophie.Wilson@uk.rhenus.com / Andrew.Briggs@uk.rhenus.com


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