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Provider of high quality offshore oil & gas, maritime, firefighting and industry accredited training including: - OPITO Offshore Survival Training and Refreshers, for UK, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and worldwide sectors- OPITO Offshore and Industrial Firefighting Training (practical) - GWO Wind industry training. - HSE offshore first aid - Helideck Operations training including CAA Radio certificates, HLO, baggage handling and refueling - Maritime STCW 95 basic training suite of four courses, plus security training - All STCW refreshers - Maritime Firefighting both Basic and Advanced - Oil and Gas marine training for coxswain and Fast rescue craft - GWO Basic courses for wind techs.

  • Offshore Survival Training and refreshers for UK, Europe and worldwide
  • GWO Basic training for Wind turbine technicians
  • Helideck Training - HLO, Helideck Assistants, Fire teams and leaders
  • Maritime - STCW95 & OPITO - Basic and refresher training
  • Fire Fighting Training for on and Offshore


Based at Norwich, Petans offers energy industry accredited training courses from a site convenient to Norwich Airport in the south East of the UK, with direct links to Amsterdam Airport and thence worldwide. Petans Charitable Grants; Non repayable, these allow up to £300 towards BASIC Entry Training for the Offshore Oil & Gas, Maritime or Wind Industries AND for any refresher training which we undertake for all sectors, including the OPITO FOET The funding is strictly in accordance with Petans charitable aims and is only available to persons or potential employers of persons who meet ALL of the following criteria; 1.You must have a TRADE or SKILL that is required/usable in your chosen industry. The best way to provide this is for any future employer to write offering a post should you obtain the qualification. 2. You must be in receipt of government unemployment benefits, or be on the HM Forces Resettlement Programme or on an approved apprenticeship/higher education programme. Or you must be referred to us by the Jobcentre, an official forces resettlement agency, or an approved apprenticeship/learning provider* 3. You must inhabit a PERMANENT residence in a UK postcode area we would require an original council tax bill or services bill (e.g. an electricity bill) showing a full name and address as evidence, we accept military addresses. * A note on referrals: all we require is a letter or email from the agency confirming you meet the 2nd criteria. We urgently stress the 1st criteria, because the successful achievement of any training course is NOT a guarantee of work. Petans would always recommend assessing whether an employer is likely to employ you before spending money time and effort in attending training courses, either here or elsewhere. In the case of apprenticeship schemes where students are under the age of 18, the grant is available to students and employers for 1 yr after the end of the course


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