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Northern Offshore Services Ltd.

Orbis Energy
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Telephone: 01502 509321


Northern Offshore Services are owner and operator of 20+ modern Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs): multipurpose, high-speed catamarans that are specially designed for performance and flexibility for the Offshore Wind industry. We also have the ability to customize our vessels for special project needs

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Specialists in Crew Transfer Vessels for Offshore Wind Farms As one of the first operators in Europe to specialize in this segment, we have the know-how, vessels and equipment needed for all offshore operations. - Our crews are highly experienced in the offshore wind sector. - Our crewmembers are fully employed by us and have worked all over Europe. - Our shore support staffs have long shipping and operational experience. - We also have a full management service solution for external owners, including DONG and the Swedish Maritime Administration EXPERIENCE BREEDS FLEXIBILITY Over the years in the offshore wind industry we have obtained invaluable experience from projects at several sites in European waters. Combined with established relationships with both customers and suppliers, we have the flexibility to deal with unexpected events at wind farm projects. Our classifications allow us to operate successfully in all European and international waters. BEST 365 Northern Offshore Services values (Business minded, Efficient and flexible, Skill and Trust) spells best. And that is what we strive to be, every day of the year. So our motto is BEST 365. Delivering those values means delivering high efficiency, safety, reliability, flexibility, environmental care and a high level of know-how. The result is added value to our customer\'s projects. YOUR PROBLEM SOLVED. 365 DAYS PER YEAR We are here to weed out our customer\'s problems and help them to harvest their opportunities. We at Northern Offshore Services gain our customer\'s confidence through our ability to be innovative, flexible, trusted and delivering 365 days per year.


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