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Nesspoint designs and builds communication, tracking and monitoring systems for offshore energy and defence facilities around the world. Our expertise covers radar, CCTV, AIS, VHF, UHF, TETRA and meteorological data, plus sitewide networks and secure data storage. We also offer our own software platforms for vessel tracking and people management.

  • Extensive experience in Offshore Wind
  • Continual innovation built on proven systems
  • Personnel Tracking and Certificate Management systems
  • Vessel tracking integrating AIS, Radar and CCTV
  • Integrated IP VHF and intuitive Marine Coordination systems


Nesspoint combines surveillance data from multiple sources into a single, intuitive view of what’s happening across your site Vessel Traffic Management Track every movement of vessels and people around your site with AIS and radar, plus weather, CCTV feeds and aircraft. Bespoke systems We offer custom-developed software platforms for vessel management, created in partnership with industry leaders Innovative Navigation. Our systems combine vessel movement data with data feeds from multiple marine surveillance technologies, overlaying them on to electronic maritime charts to create a single, intuitive graphical interface that reflects events in real time. People Tracking & Management With our Tracker software, you can monitor the movement of people anywhere on your site, as well as managing manifests, certificates, work permits and inductions Radio Communications Solutions We plan and deliver robust, reliable radio communications solutions for both voice and data throughout your site. TETRA We can supplement traditional radio solutions using VHF or UHF with superior, more modern systems such as TETRA. DMR DMR is lighter, quicker to deploy and more cost-effective than TETRA, with a practically identical feature set. Nesspoint is an approved Motorola partner for DMR. 4G LTE At the intersection of voice and data is 4G LTE, which we can use to support voice comms as well as data transfer back to shore. We can tap into existing networks via offshore meshing or create your own private 4G network. VHF/UHF We offer full support for traditional VHF and UHF comms, and can integrate them into more modern technologies too. We can integrate voice radio into traditional land telephone services, with cross-patching via radio despatching software. With this solution, your operator can place calls made from any landline to any radio on your own network. Plant Network Infrastructure We can get your whole site connected, onshore and offshore, and help you securely store, access and back


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