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Nelson’s Journey

Bradbury Building - Smiles House
Octagon Business Park, Hospital Road
Little Plumstead
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Telephone: 01603 431 788


Nelson's Journey is a registered charity providing a service for children and young people aged 0-17 years inclusive, living in Norfolk, who have experienced the death of a significant person in their life. We aim to improve the emotional wellbeing of bereaved children by: increasing their confidence and self-belief, providing education about the causes of death and enabling families to talk openly about their bereavement. We also provide opportunities to remember those who have died and help children to express and understand their emotions. Nelson's Journey endeavours to 'Bring back smiles to bereaved children'.


Nelson’s Journey are a registered charity, set up in November 1997, that supports over 500 new referrals of bereaved children and young people in Norfolk annually. Our mission is to relieve children suffering from severe or prolonged shock or depression arising from bereavement, particularly by the provision of help and support to such bereaved children who live in the County of Norfolk. The name Nelson’s Journey was chosen to inspire the two main aspects of the charity – we are local, hence the use of Norfolk’s own Admiral Nelson, and ‘Journey’ was chosen as bereavement is a journey which begins the minute your loved one dies and lasts a lifetime. The work that the group began all those years ago continues and Nelson’s Journey has gone on to grow, year-on-year. The aims of the Charity are to promote positive mental health among bereaved children and young people by: • Increasing self-esteem – through children meeting with others who have been bereaved; through outdoor activity challenges and a high level of positive feedback to the children during the course of the weekend/activity days • Assisting them to understand the cause of death and the events surrounding the funeral • Assisting families to talk more openly about the death • Enabling children to express and understand their emotions by providing children with opportunities to remember the person who has died We receive a small amount of statutory funding, but the majority of our funds come from the local Norfolk community. Individuals, community groups and businesses support us and we apply for funding grants from Charitable Trusts and Foundations to fund our work.


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