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DHSS, your single point of contact for: * Ships Agency * Port Logistics * Customs knowledge * Warehousing * Helicopter Operations Operating in all strategic Offshore Energy Ports & Heliports in The Netherlands * IJmuiden * Den Helder * Eemshaven * Vlissingen

  • Ships Agency
  • Port Logistics
  • Customs experts
  • Warehousing
  • Helicopter Operations


DHSS - Experienced Specialists with a demonstrated history of working in Offshore Energy Industry. A logistical provider of a wide range of services for the Offshore Energy Industry:

IJmuiden - Den Helder - Eemshaven - Scheveningen - Amsterdam - Harlingen - Vlissingen

Port & Vessel Agency:

Our Vessel Agency department is active in all ports of The Netherlands, since we have established a smooth running network and supply bases, locally in each port, from Flushing to Eemshaven. Each support base is located at an A1 location is ISPS area at the entrance of the port.
We provide complete transparency to our global based clients in all our facets of activities and provide the best service in the industry.

Helicopter Logistics:

Our Helicopter Logistics department, with itshomebase at Den Helder Airport, runs the daily air logistics for most of the O&G Operators plus Offshore Wind related clients. We take care of your crew changes and helicopter freight handling, including chartering of helicopters - We got you covered for the whole package, including husbandry services for your crew.

Full helicopter operations are taken care of at all heliports in The Netherlands, but also from UK, German and Danish Offshore related heliports.

We support the Energy!

3PL Warehousing & Freight Forwarding:

Our Warehousing & Logistics Department are taking care of your equipment & Freight forwarding of your shipments.
Via our web based warehouse management system, with barcode scanning and a client portal, you are able to view your own equipment in stock at our warehousing bases.
Handling shipments and storage via our barcode scanning system provides efficient handling of stock materials, clear manifesting and solid reporting to our customers.

Our five value propositions:

• Our people
• Our service execution
• Our local network globally
• Our compliance & quality
• Our account management

DHSS is an AEO certified company. This AEO Certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) is issued by Tax Service and Customs to Companies that operate internationally. It regards us within the European Union as being safe and reliable, especially where Customs activities and warehouse procedures are concerned


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