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Benthic Solutions Limited

Unit A Greengates Way, Hoveton
NR12 8ED

Telephone: 01603784726


Marine environmental survey and consultancy service provider

  • Environmental Baseline/Monitoring (incl. detailed chemistry) Habitat Assessment and Mapping
  • Drill Cuttings Survey and Monitoring and Decommissioning Studies
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring, Acoustic Monitoring and Modelling
  • Marine Mammal Mitigation
  • Marine Genomics – DNA Biodiversity, Metabarcoding


Benthic Solutions Limited (BSL) is an independent marine environmental survey and consultancy service provider delivering a broad range of capabilities in survey, analytical, interpretative and project management to the marine industry. Our team of scientists possess considerable experience in shallow, deep and ultra-deep-water survey operations globally, covering a multitude of different disciplines. Experience includes offshore, inter-tidal and sub-tidal surveys for oil & gas, utility, renewable, aquaculture and local government clients worldwide.

As we do not own or operate our own survey vessels we afford our clients additional flexibility in how we can approach environmental surveys, and as a result we can invariably offer significant cost savings. We have an extensive and broad range of specialist sampling equipment, much of which has been developed in-house, facilitating ease of operation from a variety of platforms, including dedicated survey vessels and vessels of opportunity, standby/supply vessels, drilling rigs or fixed platforms. Should multidisciplinary surveys be required, we work with several regular partner companies to provide a fully integrated survey/sampling packages and have done this on numerous occasions worldwide, including remote frontier areas.

We strive to innovate and have developed state-of-the-art camera systems for ultra deep water operations and are currently developing pioneering new techniques for marine eDNA analysis for environmental baseline and monitoring surveys, of particular relevance to the renewable industry. In addition, BSL has pioneered ROV-based environmental baseline and monitoring survey services for decommissioning, and developed passive acoustic monitoring systems with industry wide applications.


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