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Albion (Chinese Fingers) Manufacturing

Units 16 & 17 Turing Park
Potash Lane
NR14 8QR

Telephone: 01953 605983


50 yrs experience making Chinese fingers, also known as cable grips,stockings,socks,snakes,stoppers. For all cable,rope & tube handling applications Available galv, stainless,non-conductive. Size 4MM-900mm X 150TE MBL + Design and test facilities available. Albion also supply braided wire slings.

  • 50yrs experience
  • All own manufacture
  • Highly competetive prices
  • Reliable & predictable delivery
  • Many major customers and sites supplied


Albion was first registered in 1850 as wireworkers and over the years has evolved into its current form as expert wireworkers specialising in the manufacture of Chinese Fingers and animal traps.
Chinese fingers are known by several names.In the rigging and off shore industry as Chinese Fingers,in telecoms as Grips Cable and in cabling as cable grips,socks,stockings,snakes,stoppers.
Used for handling,pulling,securing,strain relieving on umbilicals,power cables,wire and fibre ropes,fibre optic cables,pneumatic and hydraulic hoses.
Albion also supply braided wire slings.


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