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Why Employees do and don’t turn up to Work

Venue: Park Farm Country Hotel, Hethersett, Norwich
Date: 15/10/2019
Time: 8:30am

Many Managers are prone not to look beyond an income stream as to the reason why people come to work.  Whilst pay is important, social interaction, job satisfaction and recognition are other key motivators.

Whilst this course will look at effective methods to help control absence, we will also be encouraging Managers to better understand the root causes behind why people do not turn up for work.

Course content will include the dangers of presenteeism, the benefits of return to work meetings work, and the importance of focusing on small scale, but high impact well-being initiatives, seeing as mental health and stress combined is the number one reason why people are off sick these days.

If absenteeism is a problem at work, and/or you are looking for some simple, yet practical tips on dealing with mental health issues, and improving well-being amongst your people, then this course is a must for you.

To reserve your place, please contact Jackie Bolton either by e-mail: jackie@backuphr.com or call 01480 677981.

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