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TotalDECOM 6th Annual Flagship Event

Venue: Manchester Central
Date: 29/04/2019 - 01/05/2019

Network with operators & organisations across the entire decom marketplace.

A unique platform to Do Business

‘Move your organisation into new & exciting markets’

TotalDECOM is the only ‘annual event where all the DECOM sectors come together to do business
‘Decommissioning is one of the UK’s few predicted growth sectors – worth 100s of billions, spanning decades!’ Be part of it…..

 Decommissioning Sector Market Value

Oil & Gas DECOM Market 

Decommissioning on the UK Continental Shelf represents an estimated £17.6 billion between now and 2025. This offers enormous scope for organisations to develop world-class skills and competencies in decommissioning both for deployment in the UK and overseas. To make the most of this opportunity, the supply chain will need to offer high quality, cost-efficient goods and services if they are to win business in a fiercely competitive global market. Expertise and collaboration from nuclear and other sectors can provide enormous cost savings and learning’s to take forward – come to TotalDECOM to find out more


Nuclear DECOM Market

The UK’s annual nuclear decommissioning cleanup cost is estimated at around £3 billion annually. This includes contracts with UK and overseas customers for the reprocessing and management of spent nuclear fuels.

The 2017 forecast is that future clean-up across the UK will cost around £119 billion spread across the next 120 years.

The MoD are planning to dismantle 19 nuclear submarines that have come to the end of their life, which creates an enormous opportunity for all supply chains with the relevant skills and expertise in specialist areas of Decommissioning & Dismantling.

There is a huge opportunity here for the nuclear industry and wider decommissioning markets to capitalise on this by taking their skills and expertise into new and exciting areas. 

Offshore Wind DECOM Market

Up to 2020 only one or two small projects will be decommissioned each year. From 2020 the 20 year milestone is reached by the first large Danish and UK projects, resulting in decommissioning projections of up to 100 turbines each year. By 2035, the decommissioning volume is estimated to be approximately 2 GW (500 turbines) per year and with each turbine costing approximately £1 million to decommission –  offshore wind farm decommissioning is a sizeable market with many parallels in the expertise required to decommission assets in other sectors.

DECOM in other markets and applications

The wealth of worldwide Decommissioning expertise in key sectors is applicable to many others industries – past TotalDECOM conferences have highlighted parallels between the technologies used in subsea decommissioning, to techniques used in outer space. There are also useful learning’s that can be taken from nuclear DECOM, to create cost efficiencies in Pharmaceuticals and Process Plant Dismantling.

Demolition techniques used in industry can also be utilised in natural disaster clean up and other applications such as taking industrial DECOM innovations  to accelerate medical advancement – are other interesting areas we hope to focus on in the future.

Join operators & organisations from across the entire Decommissioning Marketplace. Move your organisation into new and exciting markets by sponsoring or exhibiting with us.

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