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Evolution 2019 – Innovation in Engineering & Manufacturing

Venue: College of West Anglia
Date: 20/02/2019
Time: 09:25 - 15:30

Prepare to be inspired at this day-long event focused on bringing innovation into your business. You will be guided through a series of inspiring talks, panel sessions, and workshop from local innovation pioneers by NAAME Chairman Jamie Thums and NAAME Director, Simon Coward.

From product design, to user experience, to a smart shop floor, the day explores a number of elements that can be applied to businesses from a range of sectors. Although the day focuses on engineering and manufacturing, many of the concepts and methods are transferable to other industries. Talks will be followed by panel discussions, providing real insight into the implementation of innovation in local business. You can then expect to put your knowledge into practice, with workshops for each topic of the day.

Key themes of the day are:

  • Reinvigorating your Product Design
  • Redefining your User Experience
  • Digitising your Shop Floor
  • Shifting to a Service Offering
  • Breaking through into New Markets

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