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Webinar: The East Anglia Hub and Offshore Wind Growth Partnership with ScottishPower Renewables

Venue: Microsoft Teams
Date: 29/07/2020
Time: 10:30 am



Join EEEGR as we’re joined by Victoria Sinclair, Ross Ovens and Julio De La Jara of ScottishPower Renewables and Claire Canning of the ORE Catapult for this insight into the East Anglia Hub offshore wind farm and an update on the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership funding.

The webinar will provide an overview of the East Anglia Hub, project timelines, the contracting strategy and information for supply chain on how to engage with the project and find out more about opportunities to be part of East Anglia Hub.

ScottishPower Renewables is proposing to construct its future offshore windfarms, East Anglia THREE, East Anglia TWO and East Anglia ONE North, as a new ‘East Anglia Hub’.

In the event that full consents are achieved in 2021, for East Anglia TWO and East Anglia ONE North, the EA Hub concept will increase efficiencies and could deliver multiple and wide-reaching benefits such as reduced construction timescales, sustained contracting opportunities for the supply chain and a reduction in the cost of renewable energy.

The East Anglia Hub would comprise of up to 280 next generation turbines in the southern North Sea generating up to 3.1GW. The offshore and onshore layout of the East Anglia THREE, East Anglia TWO and East Anglia ONE North projects would remain as originally planned.

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