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Katie Musgrave, Production Engineer at Scour Prevention Systems MSc Energy Engineering and Environmental Management Graduate

Katie is a recent graduate who’s made a successful transition into the energy industry as a Production Engineer at Scour Prevention Systems.

A recent graduate, I’m now a product engineer with a leading role in a young company’s pioneering scour protection technology, thanks to the direct support of the UEA.

I did part-time technical research for Lowestoft company SPS while it sponsored my degree course and was encouraged to develop my knowledge of its innovative scour protection mats, based on end-of-life tyres to prevent scour around the base of offshore structures or above seabed cables.

I’ve helped in offshore trials and research and, in my final dissertation project, focused on various applications of the innovative mats, supervised by course director Dr Lawrence Coates. Scaled modelling of the mats in the university’s wave flume was used to study their performance under extreme conditions.

Starting work for fellow OrbisEnergy tenant 4NRg as an intern three years ago, I moved across to join SPS when it was co-founded by directors of both 4NRg and commercial diving company, Underwater Surveys Limited.

It’s amazing that I’ve been able to play a key part in such a significant project so early in my career.


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