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Joe Perkins, Work Experience at EEEGR – August 2016

Having spent two weeks working at EEEGR I’ve had the opportunity to carry out a variety of different activities that have all contributed to the day-to-day running of the group, as well as increasing my understanding of the energy industry in the East of England, the UK as a whole, and Europe. Working here has enhanced my appreciation for all sectors within the energy industry, both upstream and downstream, and just how extensive the industry’s needs are, from exploration to events, and education programs to subsea suppliers. EEEGR are crucial to everything within the industry in the East of England, and being offered the chance to work here and see how it all connects has been invaluable to both my short term and long term career plans. Having completed my internship at EEEGR, I am returning to the University of Portsmouth to carry out an Oil & Gas Engineering MSc with hopes that my postgraduate studies will interlink with my Geology BSc and my work experience both here and at a local geotechnical firm to help me excel at a career in oil and gas exploration.


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