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Guy Cranfield, Work Experience at EEEGR – April 2016

These last three weeks at EEEGR have been incredible; I’ve learned how the energy industry works, from exploration to decommissioning, finance to project management and everything that EEEGR does to promote the industry in the region.

The first day in the world of work is always a frightening experience. What if I look stupid in front of all these professionals? Does Simon take his coffee black or white? It turned out that I needn’t have worried; I was given a warm welcome by the team and I felt at home immediately.

My work kicked off with a presentation from Simon about the industry’s operations in the region, including offshore gas and wind in the SNS, future developments and what the oil price means for the companies that EEEGR represents.

Then Charlotte and Gemma told me about the various education schemes that Skills for Energy runs to meet the demand for skilled workers. Not only did this make me wish I was doing an apprenticeship rather than bothering on with A-levels, but I also signed up for the Introduction to Oil and Gas course at Lowestoft College. This turned out to be a very interesting day, with Lee Woodrow, the Oil Guru himself, explaining the current and future trends in the oil and gas industry, the various extraction techniques and the roles of the many different people involved in the supply chain, from surveyors to roughnecks.

All this was reinforced in my meeting with Matt Knights from ECITB, who explained the best routes into the energy industry- valuable information for an aspiring engineer in a competitive job market.

In the office I picked up a range of skills. Whereas most work placements teach you how to photocopy or make the perfect cuppa, I was busy chasing up membership renewals and finding out about EEEGR’s many members with Claire and Sophie. EEEGR is a unique company in the way that it promotes the industry through its membership and it is particularly important in the current climate for companies to work together to make the industry more efficient. It seems EEEGR is doing well in this respect.

I also got the opportunity to talk to Heidi King from the Department of Work and Pensions who helps people that have been made redundant from the industry find work. It was concerning to hear how many people have lost their jobs since 2015 but interesting to see how the skills needed in the energy industry are transferable, making it a solid career choice in an uncertain world.

In addition, Siofra showed me how event management works (and what an ordeal making 500 delegate badges is!) It was interesting to see how a big event like SNS 2016 is organised and what an important role events and networking play in an industry I that thought was entirely engineering-based.

Sitting opposite Marie-Louise taught me about the commercial side of the company, including how to negotiate a good deal on event venues, getting sponsorship and managing a budget. Sarah gave me the opportunity to see how these finances are managed and where all the money goes.

Thanks to everyone at EEEGR for welcoming me into this great company and sharing their time and expertise with me. I’d also like to say a huge thank-you to Simon for giving me this opportunity. I’m sure it will open the door to a successful career in the energy industry.

I’ll have good memories of working at EEEGR and I look forward to doing business with you all in the future!


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