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Andy Holyland, Tendering & Proposals Engineer at James Fisher Marine Services

Following one-month shy of 15 years’ military service with Royal Engineers, Andy decided to pursue a new career in the area he grew up. By word of mouth Andy was directed towards Skills for Energy and following the support and guidance offered by EEEGR, Andy is now approaching a successful 5 years in the Energy Industry.

Andy Holyland joined 3sun Group as the Groups Training Manager in January 2013, during his time there he was responsible for the entire Groups training and competency requirements as well as carrying out industry research to further meet the rapidly changing and evolving demands of the offshore energy sector. Andy spent majority of his former career in an engineering environment, trained as a fabricator/welder and engineering armoured vehicle tank commander. He also spent time as an engineering instructor training new recruits the combat engineering skills required by the Royal Engineers.

In 2016 Andy assumed the role of Head of Academy and responsible for 3sun Academy, part of 3sun Group. Following on from the role as Training Manager with the understanding of the industry requirements from a skills and qualifications perspective, this role enabled Andy to deliver valuable training to the Energy Sector and develop courses to ensure the Groups effectiveness.

In 2017 Andy Holyland moved on to James Fisher Marine Services, where he is currently the Tendering & Proposals Engineer. Responsible for reviewing tender documentation, considering technical scopes ensuring costs and budgets are maintained. Liaising with clients and suppliers. Ensuring accurate and timely production of information and evidence to effectively respond with proposals that guarantee compliance and business requirements are met.

“The last 5 years has been very enjoyable, lots of ups and downs and keeping up with a dynamic and diverse industry is challenging but also exciting. What I have learnt has been exceptional and what I am still learning within my new role, means I continue to enjoy what I am doing and very glad of the opportunities that have been presented”.


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