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Guy Cranfield, Work Experience at EEEGR – April 2016

These last three weeks at EEEGR have been incredible; I’ve learned how the energy industry works, from exploration to decommissioning, finance to project management and everything that EEEGR does to promote the industry in the region.

Dan Lewsley, Fiduciary Accounts Technician at Marsh Ltd

Dan joined EEEGR in September 2014 as an intern seeking a direction in which to take his career. He worked closely with the Skills for Energy team, helping to build the reputation of the programme through various marketing activities, such as the launch of the SfE e-newsletter.

Joe Perkins, Work Experience at EEEGR – August 2016

Having spent two weeks working at EEEGR I’ve had the opportunity to carry out a variety of different activities that have all contributed to the day-to-day running of the group, as well as increasing my understanding of the energy industry in the East of England, the UK as a whole, and Europe.

Louise Jenkins, Client Guide at Indigo Swan

Louise started her career in the energy industry doing work experience with the EEEGR’s event’s team before becoming a full time member of the EEEGR team after completing her English Literature degree in 2012.

Mark Smith, QMS Manager / Marine Hires Manager – Red7Marine

After 25 years as a metalsmith with the REME as the senior engineering resources manager of a large multi-trade Battalion of Military Engineers, Mark had a successful transition into the oil and gas industry in East Anglia with CLS Offshore in Gorleston.


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