Wave & Tidal

The UK is currently the global leader in marine energy, with more wave and tidal stream devices installed than the rest of the world combined.

Wave and tidal energy combined has the potential to deliver around 20% of the UK’s current electricity needs which equates to an installed capacity of around 30 – 50GW. The government’s East Marine Plan, which was published in April 2014, designates several areas of high tidal stream resource off the East Yorkshire, Suffolk, and especially Norfolk coastlines where tidal energy development will be prioritised.

While the current installed capacity is fairly modest at almost 9 megawatts (MW), across the UK the industry could deliver over 120MW by 2020 – making a meaningful contribution to the energy mix. It is set to employ 20,000 people from 2035 and contribute towards continued economic prosperity as we export our skills, services and products.