Offshore Decommissioning

Many of the structures producing oil and gas have a limited lifespan, often 25-40 years, and an increasing number are due to be taken out of service. When redundant, they must be removed and disposed of, ensuring that the surrounding area is safe from environmental contamination. Decommissioning has become a major business within the oil and gas industry and is a lengthy and high cost operation.

Decommissioning of existing North Sea oil and gas facilities is projected to cost £24-36bn over the next 30 years, a fruitful field for specialist companies in the region.

Decommissioning Special Interest Group

In partnership with Decom North Sea, we run a regular series of Special Interest Groups which focus on Decommissioning. With a steering group, these meetings influence and shape the delivery and management of joint activity in developing the SNS decommissioning sector, and drive supply chain engagement.

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