Energy Skills Foundation Programme (ESFP) Speed Interviewing Event

Event Details

Lowestoft Campus, East Coast College
Wednesday 6th December 2017 16:30 - 19:30

The Energy Skills Foundation Programme (ESFP) Speed Interviewing Event will take place on Wednesday 6th December 2017 at the Lowestoft Campus of East College. The full agenda for this event is as follows:

16:30 – Students / Guests Arrive

16:45 – Welcome

17:00 – Interviews Part One

18:00 – Interval

18:15 – Interviews Part Two

19:00 – Buffet / Networking

19:30 – Thanks / Close

To assist us in the implementation of this event, we are looking for individuals with interviewing experience who might be able to deliver interviews and provide feedback for the students. Each student interview will last for no more than five minutes, and we would usually expect that each interviewer will participate in a maximum of six student interviews during the event. Time will also be given for interviewers to examine each student’s CV as well as complete a feedback form which will be fed back to the colleges and to their students to aid their future development.

If you could spare the time to join us and take the role of an interviewer then that would be hugely appreciated. Alternatively, if you have any colleagues / contacts with interviewing experience that could attend then that would also be fantastic – please note that we would welcome interviewers from all industry backgrounds as the point that we’re trying to get across to the students is that this is a key opportunity to develop their interview skills, not to be interviewed for their future career.

For further information please email