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Consultation, Training & Clinical Governance of Emergency Care.

The role of REM 67 Medex is to enhance the already present remote prehospital care training/continued professional development (CPD) of individuals and organisations within offshore energy generation, together with crew transfer, support and specialist vessel sectors in current and proposed wind turbine fields such as Galloper, Dudgeon, Norfolk Vanguard, Norfolk Boreas and East Anglia One North. In addition to this, REM will initiate and develop equipment specific training for devices innovated by A.D.E. REM 67 Medex will be managed by a robust clinical governance structure which will maintain a gold standard of training, assessing and mentoring and best clinical practice. We also wish to command a very strong community image and training presence for basic first aid and defibrillation training whether paid or voluntary in order to make our communities safer and more supportive, let’s help and care for each other better.
Over the last 12 years our Medical Director has focused predominantly on the disciplines of training, assessing and auditing of industry individuals working for themselves and for most, if not all organisations involved in remote energy generation. These include Oil and Gas, Renewables, Survey & Exploration and emergency response & rescue providers such as Statoil, BP, Shell, Quadrilla, Siemens, 3Sun, British Antarctic Survey, Fugro, Gardline, VOS & Seacor via world leading industry training providers. Also during this time, our links with discipline/industry experts and sector contacts have developed greatly. We are currently forging ahead with discussions with Sizewell B/proposed Sizewell C relating to emergency preparedness to include generic/bespoke prehospital care training and A.D.E’s lead innovation and equipment specific training. Nuclear - a new energy sector for REM 67 Medex, but we will bring a new set of eyes and innovative equipment to a developing energy sector.