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BiSN is a leading provider of metal to metal downhole sealing solutions to the oil and gas industry, utilising our groundbreaking modified thermite heater. We are breaking the mould of traditional elastomer seals and cement.

  • Safer than traditional plugging and sealing methods
  • Improved environmental implications
  • Increased efficiency = increased profit

Using bismuth based alloys to seal in downhole conditions was first tried by the Schlumberger brothers back in 1930’s using electrical heaters. It was continually tried using electrical heaters through the 1960s to 1990s, but without realistic practical implementation due to the time it takes for the heating process to take effect, as well as limitations on deployment depth and the specialist wireline equipment required to run the electrical heaters at that time.

What we do differently at BiSN is we use modified thermite heaters, which makes this a game changing technology reducing the heating time required from hours to minutes and eliminates the need for any specialist wireline equipment, with no restriction on deployment depth.

Using a modified thermite powered chemical reaction heater may sound scientifically technical and whilst the concept is innovative, it is relatively easy to explain;

The bismuth based alloys are run in hole (RIH) using various tools depending on the application. Once located at the depth in the well where the sealing is required, a modified thermite powered chemical reaction heater is utilised to heat the alloy until it melts. The chemical reaction heater can be run on any standard wire equipment without the need for any modifications. The power required to start the reaction is 240 volts and 60 milliamps for approximately 15 seconds. The molted alloy has a viscosity similar to water which allows it to flow and fill the void it is intended to seal. It then sets as it cools producing a seamless sealing solution for a variety of applications within 30 minutes. This unique sealing technology can be applied in the drilling, completions, interventions or abandonment stages of a well.

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