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Red7 is recognised as a leading UK based diving contractor who specialises in inland and coastal marine inspection and construction support services. Our primary markets are within the UK\'s inland/inshore marine construction and offshore renewable energy sectors.

Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA)

The Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA) are part of the Career Transition Partnership and deliver employment support to Armed Forces Service leavers who are registered with the CTP.

Renewable Energy Association

The Renewable Energy Association was established in 2001 to represent British renewable energy producers and promote the use of sustainable energy in the UK. The REA was called the Renewable Power Association until October 2005.

Renewable UK

The trade and professional body for the UK wind industry.

Renewable World

Renewable Worldis a UK based charity set up by individuals from the renewable industry in 2007 to act as the link between the European renewable energy sector and energy poor communities who are most vulnerable to climate change. We install community based renewable energy projects in poor countries which enable people to cook food, pump clean water, power homes, schools and health centres and run small businesses in a sustainable way.

Rhenus Offshore Logistics UK

Rhenus Offshore Logistics UK is your partner for all offshore related logistical tasks. Having built up our expertise in the offshore wind market in Germany, we have expanded to the UK and are able to assist and support you in the following areas:

River Acquisition

River Acquisition exists to make strategic investments into companies within the oil and gas sector in the UK. We are particularly interested in talking to business owners seeking exit for non-business reasons (e.g. retirement), or who wants to step back from day-to-day operations.

Rix Shipping Ltd

Rix are a 5th Generation family owned business with over a £500 million turnover. We operate in fuel retailing and distribution, shipping, wind farm workboats, manufacturing, stevedoring, warehousing, maritime bunkering, property development and the motor industry.

RMS Submarine Ltd

RMS Submarine Limited are a resource solutions company. Resource Management Services for the marine survey, submarine cable and oil & gas industries. RMS pride themselves on high quality and competence in their delivery of services. Key services include: Personnel supply (survey, marine geoscience, subsea inspection, ROV and submarine cable personnel) Consultancy services for marine survey, cable operations (O&M) and subsea inspection (IRM) Project team management services Resource services solutions for submarine cable operations, O&M, IRM, vessels, ROV?s & subsea vehicles, survey, subsea inspection, software and training, amongst others R&D and Innovation

Rotos 360 Ltd

Rotos 360 was formed in 2013 through a research project funded by the TSB to develop offshore wind turbine blade repair.


Rovco remotely operated vehicle (ROV) service company that is focused on the development of innovative underwater 3D computer vision systems. The company is able to provide ROV inspection services, hydrographic survey, ROV consultancy, and 3D survey provision.

RWE Generation UK PLC

Great Yarmouth Power Station is owned, operated and maintained by RWE Generation UK. The power plant consists of a single shaft 9FA gas turbine, steam turbine and generator exporting power to surrounding area and national grid transmission system. Fuel gas is taken from Bacton via a 45KM pipeline.


Established in 1958, RWS has provided translation and interpreting services to the energy industry for over 50 years. Translating into over 200 languages. ISO 9001 accredited.
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