Mark Smith, QHSE Manager at Orwell Offshore

After 25 years as a metalsmith with the REME as the senior engineering resources manager of a large multi-trade Battalion of Military Engineers, Mark had a successful transition into the oil and gas industry in East Anglia with CLS Offshore in Gorleston.

Mark Smith joined CLS Offshore as manufacturing manager of onshore operations in September 2013, during his time there he managed onshore operations across two local sites, he was also responsible for multiple fabrication projects as a project manager. He had previously spent 25 years in the REME as a Metalsmith (welder, blacksmith, plater and sheet metalworker), Master Welder for 16 Air Assault Brigade. He was also the senior engineering resources manager of a large multi-trade Battalion of Military Engineers. Mark had been researching the different career paths that he could transfer into on completion of his colour service. The offshore engineering sector was his preferred choice.

Mark moved on to Orwell Offshore in Woodbridge in July 2015, where he is currently the QHSE Manager of a firm of Naval Architects and Offshore Engineers, responsible for maintaining and managing company quality and health and safety ISO accreditation, training of all quality procedures and development of project management systems in respect of the front end engineering design, consultancy, project management, manufacture and maintenance of FPSO bow mounted turrets and mooring buoy systems which are deployed worldwide.

“I am still enjoying the challenges and fast pace of business associated with the oil and gas industry nearly three years on from transitioning from the British Army. The current state of the market means that companies need to be ever more efficient, and lean with business delivery to adapt and overcome”.