Andy Holyland, Head of 3sun Academy at 3sun Group

After spending 14 years in military service with the Royal Engineers, Andy decided to identify a new career path. By word of mouth Andy was pointed towards Skills for Energy and eventually found his current employer, 3sun Group.

Approaching my 14th year of military service with the Royal Engineers I decided it was time to identify a new career path. As I didn’t complete the full term, I was entitled to less than 12 months resettlement time. The generic resettlement package took me through the first steps of creating a CV but my combined skills didn’t suggest an obvious route forward.

Luckily I knew where I wanted to relocate and had a good idea of the industry I wanted to join. I attended many military organised events and careers fairs but without finding suitable links or sufficient information. Frustration set in but I was handed a lifeline by the forces regional recruitment consultant who pointed me towards EEEGR and Skills for Energy.

Things started to happen and opportunities were presenting themselves. Attending numerous EEEGR and Skills for Energy events I was meeting people who actually knew about the roles and
the vacancies. An ex-Royal Engineer at one event put me in touch with my current employer and after meetings and the creation of new CVs I was offered the position I now occupy.

I am doing what I wanted where I wanted, heavily involved in training within oil & gas and renewables sectors – thanks to EEEGR, Skills for Energy, and networking with the right people to open up this amazing opportunity.