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Marat Rezyapov


Plant Manager


I’m from Russia. I was born and grew up in the central part of Russia, in the Urals, on geographical border between West and East. In 1996 I graduated from the Ufa State Oil Technical University as Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Engineer and moved from central part to Far East of Russia to Sakhalin Island.

I have 19+ years’ experience in Oil and Gas industry, 16 of them I worked offshore. I started as production operator and left offshore in the end of last year as Offshore installation Manager. 19+ years of broad Oil & Gas Processing/ Production Operations/ Maintenance & Management experience in both surface and sub-surface oil & gas operations, onshore and offshore.

I started here in UK as Bacton Plant Manager in January this year and this is my first international assignment and first on-shore experience within Shell. My family and me we all enjoying very much our life here. We take any opportunity to travel around the UK and discover places, culture and life of country.