Cllr Penny Channer


Essex County Council

Has lived in Essex for over 25 years having been brought up in Surrey.

Has been an Essex County Councillor for five years having been elected in 2009 and 2013 on to the County Council for the Maldon Division. Currently Deputy to the Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Infrastructure, Cllr Kevin Bentley, who is also the Deputy Leader of the County Council.

Sits on various committees and bodies for the County Council as well as deputy role.

Also, a Maldon District Councillor for nineteen years so therefore is what is known as a ‘dual hatted’ Member as sits on both the County and District Councils.

Prior to entering Local Government as an Elected Member has operated in and has experience of the public, private and voluntary sectors. 

Became a Councillor as wanted to, working with others, make a difference.

Enjoys when time and commitments permit; walking, reading and holidays in the sun.